Founder - Dan Medlin

I am a veteran that served for 12 years in the US Navy as a machinist. I am currently a rotating shift worker employed as an operator at one of the few coal fired power plants left in the United States. My interest in metal working has continued to grow as a hobby for 25+ years. About 5 years ago I found myself and my wife unemployed. I had invested all my adult years in education, training and experience in coal fired utilities and offshore oil drilling industries and like many others fell victim to regulation and economical changes in both industries. My wife and I were faced with big choices on where our career paths would take us next. With the help of friends, family and machining experiences we started our new adventure as business owners of Medlining Machine Works, LLC! 

Our Story

Over the years I have collected milling machine, lathes, and a few CNC machines. Just a hobby doing some machining work for family and friends on projects and repairs from time to time. Around 2013-14 while working as an overseas offshore oil driller my coworkers became very interested in my machining abilities and equipment. A few inquired about my ability to make “solvent traps”….this was a term I didn’t know much about and really wasn’t as commonly used as it is today. At the time the term solvent trap was coined they were being made out to random pieces from flashlights, automotive and other hardware store parts. Some Chinese tubes made of inferior materials started to hit the market but then consumers still had to go find random parts to complete a project. So our journey began to research, design, develop, test and refine the solvent trap concept. Our business started with making cups for all these random size tubes on the market. Once word got out we quickly became overwhelmed with the loads of projects pouring in! People were practically begging us to do all kinds of custom “one off” projects for pennies. The amount of people that came out of the woodwork that wanted to recreate the wheel so to speak was unreal! We quickly realized the solvent trap market was a very demanding market and was in need of better product options. Around 2015 we were finalizing the R & D as the founder and manufacturer of our own original design complete solvent trap made from 100 % US grade aluminum. Our design perfected the one stop shop with proven durability, effectiveness and still very affordable for a large range of applications.

Just like many businesses we have experienced our fair share of growing pains, good and bad business decisions and all of the ups and downs that go along with being self-employed. We live is a small community with limited resources relative to our kind of business but we continue to overcome many obstacles to continue to provide the best product we can offer the market. 

We have now taken back our retail sales department to ensure all of our loyal customers are assured they are purchasing 100% American made products. We look forward to continue offering our original quality products while researching and developing upgrades and new products in the future! 

Base of Operations

We are proud to say we are a United States based “mom and pop” shop. Our products are all manufactured in Marietta, OH from 100% US grade materials. We are a small operation in a 3 stall garage in our family home. From day one our goal has been to offer durable made products for affordable prices while never sacrificing quality to make a sale or meet an unreasonable demand for quantity or timelines. 

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